There is a Better Way

The proposed tax increase is PERMANENT; it goes on FOREVER. The City Council could have put a term limit on it, but they chose not to do so. Their policy decision would affect LFP residents for generations to come.

Prop 1's 61% increase Is far and away the largest tax increase ever proposed in LFP. Prop 1 would give the City Council more funding than can be spent wisely for parks, safe streets and pedestrian walkways in Lake Forest Park.

Prop 1 funds would represent 38% of our property tax revenue and could only be spent on PROST (Parks Recreation Open Space and Trails) and Safe Street projects— forever. Priorities and needs change; permanently restricting this much revenue is bad policy and wrong.

There is no plan in place that specifically defines, costs, and prioritizes the projects and activities to be undertaken with Prop 1 funds.

Prop 1 enables LFP’s City Council to establish priorities for a major portion of the budget, and financially encumber future generations, with no effective public input, oversight, or controls.