About Us


Neighbors for a Sustainable LFP is a non-partisan, resident-based citizen group who wants to ensure that our City remains livable, affordable, and sustainable. While we absolutely agree that our City needs safe street sidewalks and parks, we disagree with the City Council's proposed funding approach for these much-needed improvements.


We believe there's A BETTER WAY to get the safety features and amenities our citizens need, in the same or less time, while making our City Council transparent, accountable, and responsible.

Our individuals have been actively following the city's developing plans for these projects for over 4 years, researching meeting transcripts, and attending community input sessions in an effort to be as informed as possible. Our goal is to encourage, support, and promote the most responsible and effective decisions for Lake Forest Park citizens.

Our mission is to provide a complete, truthful overview of all aspects of Proposition 1 that enables our citizens to make an informed decision on their upcoming ballots (all ballots due on or before November 2, 2021).



  1. Check the status of your voter registration (especially if you've moved or are new to the area). Click here to check (or register!) >

  2. Send your friends, family members, and neighbors the link to this website to learn more.

  3. Join the online Prop 1 Pro/Con Zoom forum this Saturday at 1pm, sponsored by Third Place Commons. Click here to register >

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  5. Join our Better Way group discussion on NextDoor 

  6. Post a message about Prop 1 in the general NextDoor discussion area.

  7. Post a yard sign — email us to get yours!

  8. Volunteer to deliver yard signs and/or pass out information— email us for details.

  9. Download, print, and share our information (Adobe PDF):  Handout  |  2-Page Mailer 

  10. Consider donating to help us offset the costs of printing, mailing, and outreach—no amount is too small... every little bit helps.

  • John Wright,  current LFP Council member – read his letter here >

  • Darlene Fairley, former State Senator (D)

  • Mary Jane Goss, former LFP Council member

  • Carolyn Armanini, former LFP Council member

  • Jack Tonkin, former LFP Council member

  • Ronald F. Ricker, former LFP Council member

  • Alan Kiest, former LFP Council member

  • Ned Lawson, former LFP Council member

  • Stephen Plusch, former LFP Council member

  • Walter Tabor, former LFP Council member

  • Don Fiene, former LFP Council member

  • Nate Herzog, former LFP Council member

  • Myra Gamburg, former Chairman, LFP Gov Watch

  • Jeff Sneddon

  • Jack Tonkin, former LFP Councilmember

  • Bryce James

  • Stephen Plusch, former LFP Councilmember

  • Don Nibouar